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What yogis say about Mellow classes


´Sascha is a real gem of a teacher. Her voice gently guides me into the rhythm of the class with such skill, helping me connect to whichever part of me that needs attention for that moment. She is precise in her direction and holds the space with a calm authority, allowing each person in the class to go on their own little journey. Highly recommended ✨´


´Sascha is always fully presence while teaching. Her flowing energy is calming and has strong focusing effect on students. She is an authentic yogi. She is kind and happy off the yoga mat too.´


´ Sascha's beautiful energy radiates in every yoga class I've been too 🙏 She always seems to intuitively pick the right vibe for each class and her genuine, loving, happy soul is just something you feel instantly. I always feel like I've had a reset when i go to one of her classes, and the beautiful community of people she's created is a lovely bonus too, so much great energy. The locations of her classes are just perfect, always in the heart of nature. And her guided meditations thoughtout lockdown - I welcome more of these to come, her voice, the energy, the music, every single meditation she creates has such a unique feel and I instantly fall into a soothing or releasing state, its thanks to her I started meditating and it's completely changed how I feel. Thank you 😊🌈´


´I discovered Yin Yoga thanks to Sascha. From the first session I felt calm when I hear her voice. How she guides the class is magical. Her classes had been a way to heal my soul. Getting to know her has been a real gift. I am so blessed.´


´A yoga class of Sascha what to say... Actually it does not feel like a class or even a practice. It is a true nourishment for yourself, feeling the flow and within a few minutes you are ‘there’ again.

Sascha for me is the most authentic and soft yoga teacher i’ve ever experienced.
And in the same time really powerfull and strong. Balanced ⭐️

Thank you for being here Sascha...´


´ I can recommend Sascha highly for your yoga practice. Whether it is in person at her twice weekly and honey, cooling yoga sessions under the trees or by having the privilege to welcome her into your home and being able to add this practice to your schedule. It is worth it. It will add value to your life.´


´Wonderful relaxating yoga classes. I deeply melt into the yin experience and always finish the class with a soft and light body, feeling gratitude and happiness 💞 ´


´Sascha can use her voice, touch and lessons to ensure that your deepest feeling comes out. She gives so much love and positive energy during her classes. You just get away from reality for a while. I am grateful that she is in my life 🙏´


´ What hooked me into Sascha's classes is her ability of truly feel what she's doing and, through that, how can I experience a brand new way to observe and connect to my inner body landscape. I feel so grateful each and every day i can give myself the treat.´


´ Sascha's classes have a beautiful flow that realign body and mind. She blends a melodic soundtrack with clear instructions and expansive visualisations. Sascha is super welcoming to anyone new to the class and I love the friendly community vibe she has created.´


´Sascha has a unique and gentle approach that result in a a class that truly flows. Her classes are uplifting and relaxing at the same time, to replenish body, mind and soul.´


´ I have attended Sascha´s classes in person in Ibiza and did her daily meditations online during lockdown i also recommended the meditations to many clients. She has a gift of being able to make you feel Calm Centered and Grounded everytime I listen to her voice. She is a very special soul and talented teacher and if you get the opportunity to practice with her i would strongly recommend both in person and online´


´Sascha with a gifted golden thread being the smooth & guiding light in her voice takes me on a healing adventure of my body leaving me feeling totally blissed out in self love and strong through a beautifully fulfilling practise every time. I feel ecstatic depths of relaxation in both my body and mind & ultimately more grounded, strong, open & happy through the practise that she delivers. Her unconditional love is so sweet it touches the heart & gives a reason to always smile.
A truly Devine experience. Thank you so much Sascha, you truly are a gift.


´ How many classes from Sascha I took, really a lot. And I want to keep following them. So soft, nurturing, full of love and warmth. Also during yoga retreats where I gave inspiration sessions it was a blessing to see Sascha at work. Every participant simply loves her lessons very much. They bring you into your body, to your heart, your stomach, your feminine side. Thanks Sascha for all the beautiful things you have brought me and many others.´


´Sascha’s classes are a beautiful combination of nurturing movement with gentle words to soothe the soul and encourage connection to ourselves. What Sasha offers is the ultimate moving meditation filled with compassion and love and everything my body and soul yearns for. I am so grateful to have been able to experience Sasha’s classes as well as a 3-day retreat that was everything you experience in her class but on a much deeper level. I can’t wait for the next one!´


´Sascha taught me that yoga is not a competition.´


´Sascha is a very friendly loving person, who welcomes everyone with a genuine smile. Her tireless drive to honor the island of Ibiza with her free yoga classes open to all is admirable.
Thank you Sascha for the light that you are and radiate´.


´I love Sascha's yin yoga classes and her meditations during lockdown were beautiful - amazing voice, sounds and visualisations 🙏😍´


´Sascha is such a genuinely caring angel, holding regular free yoga journeys for us lucky ones here in Ibiza. She also sent us incredible, heartfelt meditations every single day of Lockdown, helping us to stay sane and feel safe.
Her outdoor yoga sessions are set in stunning locations, delivered from the heart, and are quite different to other yoga classes I have done. She reads the room and tailors the sessions intuitively to the vibe of her client group.
She is an example of her art, giving freely, reminding us it’s ok to open up and just accept. She trains us in the core values of yoga - that it’s a fine balance between effort and relaxation. It feels mainly slow and meditative, but is surprisingly strong and incredibly effective as a healing practice for body & soul.´