#1 Human Design

Welcome to the Mellow at Home podcast. I will be inviting guests to the platform exploring different topics related to personal development & authentic living. In the first episode I am chatting with Sonja Beijering from Human Design Coaching.

The Human Design system is an accurate system for self knowledge. It combines astrology, the chakra´s , I-ching, the Kaballah and quantum mechanics and was actually founded here in Ibiza. Human Design is one of these things I have not been able to fully wrap my head around and today I want to dive a little bit deeper into the subject. My guest today is Sonja, she is human design reader & coach, who offeres readers 1-on-1 as well as group courses. We talked about how she found her passion Human Design, the difference between astrology & Human Design, how it influenced her personal life. We also discussed the qualities of the 4 personality types, the founder of Human Design and how to interpret the charts.