About Mellow at Home



´The nature of the island was our inspiration for the platform´

In 2020 a professional film maker and passionate yoga teacher joined forces to bring you the most stunning settings for your home yoga practice. Recording 20-30 minute sessions around the Balearic islands of Ibiza & Formentera, where lunar cycles, zodiac signs and nature are the main inspiration for every practice. Tomas & Sascha live in the North East of the island, close to one of their favorite beaches Cala Nova.

´Since 2008 I have been teaching yoga in many different settings´

Sascha´s teaching style is mixture of yin yoga, pranic healing and acupressure. Music and sound have always been a big influence. On Mellow at Home she is also weaving astrology & tarot into the classes. After years of teaching in urban yoga studio´s, gyms, offices, schools & luxury retreats, now is the time to help people build a consistent home practice. Back to basic, just you and your mat. 


´Mellow is our favorite mood´

Our aim for this platform is to create a home sanctuary. A place where you build a ritual of self care, are guided to slow down and turn inward. A mellow mood allows your creativity to flow, recharges your energy, and you will be able to respond to life´s challenging moments with greater ease. Mellow is a mind set that you can tap into.  And the best thing about it, you can pass it on to the people around you. 

Credits & Graditute

Since 2008 Sascha (RYT600+) has been trained in numerous yoga, healing, bodywork & therapy modalities. Grateful for meeting very special teachers along the way, we would love to credit & recommend in particular the inspiring work of;